Exciting adventures that New Zealand has to offer

There are so many wonders that New Zealand has to offer and even if you inquire the top 10 immigration consultants in Dubai they will tell you the same thing that New Zealand has a variety of things to do and it is one of those places where you could be skiing in the morning and trekking in the evening. Here we have a list of all the adventures that you can go to and enjoy your stay:

  • Wine lover’s Island

We are not even joking when we tell you that an entire island is reserved for wine where more than 30 vineyards compete against each other in producing finest wines and this is the reason that it is also a become one of the most award winning wine house. Many people love taking a wine tour where they would try different samples and enjoy the diversity. You can be on an exquisite holiday and enjoying the wine while taking trips in Ferry while your friends stay back home being bored.

  • Eat up New Zealand’s famous Specimen

If you don’t know then let us enlighten you about New Zealand’s most famous specimen found in Wellington’s Te Papa Museum where the 470 kg squid’s specimen is displayed which was found back in 2007 in Arctic waters. What’s cooler is that the New Zealanders love the specimen so much that they introduced different types of ice creams that would represent the colossal squid in a large variety of colours and flavours. This is a yummy delight that can be enjoyed only at Giapo.

  • Hike to the highest volcanic cone

You can take a walk to the Auckland’s highest volcanic cone also known as Mount Eden where you will be able to witness the beautiful views of Auckland and the volcano by admiring it from afar. It’s known to be a sacred place with the views of relics of Maori Village on the way back.

These are just a few of many adventures that New Zealand has to offer so why not take the first move and discuss it with New Zealand immigration consultants in Dubai and see what are your options to discover a place like New Zealand and enjoy its beauties.