Reasons to get the PRP treatment

PRP treatment is the acronym for Platelet-rich plasma. In this treatment the platelets of a person are used to keep the body healing. For this purpose the blood of the patient is taken for the body then the plasma is being separated from the entire blood. Then this plasma is used for the treatment. This PRP treatment is very expensive as it will take a lot of amount and energy to separate the plasma from the blood. This separation part needs a lot of care otherwise the whole sample will be ruined and doctor needs to take another blood sample. PRP is used for many different kinds of treatments and some of them are listed below:

Hair treatment: PRP hair treatment Dubai is the most common type of treatment from this procedure. This treatment is usually carried out for the male members of society as they will often suffer from a condition in which they will become bald from the center of their head. In this treatment they will get the injection into the scalp which will then help in stimulating hair growth and it also help in reducing the hair fall. It mainly strengthens the roots of the hair.

Restoration of tendons: In different kind of surgeries, there is a chance of tendon wavering so doctors often use these PRP injections followed by the surgery so that the tendons can heal. It also helps the body in healing from the after effects of surgery.

Osteoarthritis: These injections will provide a healing effect to the patients of osteoarthritis when the PRP injection will be injected in their knees. These injections are very useful in different kind of treatments but it should be noted that the results will show very slowly. The reason is that in these injections the patient’s own plasma is used so it will take time to show the results. The effects may be visible after months of taking these so the patient should wait for the result.

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