Things that you would want to know about Indian food

Indian food is something which is loved by every single person no matter how oily and spicy it may look and feel but the love is just never ending. From having Indian food every time you visit the best Indian fine dining restaurant in Dubai you must think that you know everything about the cuisine and would give lessons to your friends on how the spices are healthy and the food is delicious. But here is what they would really want to know about:

  • Indian food wasn’t this spicy since the beginning

You like to think that Indian food have always been traditionally spicy when this isn’t the case. The food wasn’t this spicy until the Portuguese travellers brought new vegetables with them from the South America and introduced Asian sub-continent with chilli peppers. This became the main ingredient of Indian dishes and was loved and adored by everyone.

  • Chicken tikka masala is not solely Indian invented dish

Tikka means the chopped pieces of chicken while masala means the spices and this dish actually comes from the Glasgow of Scotland. The dish was probably invented in UK and soon was adapted by the Indians. The conflict lies in curry. UK never really invented the curry but instead it was made by some Pakistani or Bangladeshi chefs which were then transferred on to the Indians.

  • Chutney can be both; sweet and spicy

The word chutney itself means to lick and this is a huge misconception that chutneys are only sweet. Chutneys can be both sweet and spicy and while the traditional one never was spicy but through innovation people started adding sugar and salt to it. Different chutneys can be savoured with different foods and the sweet chutney was actually for the foreigners who couldn’t stand the spices.

  • Most of the Indian dishes can be labelled as curry

This is certainly very true as a curry would mean a sauce mixture of spices which can be poured over the rice and devoured with the naans. Even if all Indian dishes can be labelled as curry yet you still need to give them a double thought because they could greatly vary in the ingredients and contents as well as the way of cooking. Daals are a different type of curry while chicken curry is something completely different.

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